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Auburn ME Area Guide

Auburn is a city in and the county seat of Androscoggin County, Maine. Established in 1869, the City of Auburn is Maine’s fourth largest City. Land wise, Auburn is one of the largest cities in the east covering 66.83 square miles. This means that Auburn enjoys having the conveniences they need and still have a lot of breathing room. Auburn is rich in history that maintains its traditional values and yet continues to move forward. Etched on the walls of their City Hall Building are the words “Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum” which translates to “No Steps Backward”. Auburn was the first City in Maine - the second in New England - to adopt the Council-Manager form of government. Like most destinations in Maine, Auburn is a City that is truly “…a government of the people, by the people, for the people….”

Auburn History

The area was originally part of the Pejepscot Purchase, land bought in 1714 by a consortium from Boston and Portsmouth following the Treaty of Portsmouth, which brought peace between the Abenaki Indians and English settlements. But in 1736, the Massachusetts General Court granted a large section of the land to veterans of the 1690 Battle of Quebec. Conflicting claims led to prolonged litigation. Consequently, settlement was delayed until after the French and Indian Wars. Auburn was first settled in 1786.
The name was apparently inspired by Auburn, a place featured in the 1770 poem The Deserted Village by Oliver Goldsmith. Auburn grew geographically into one of Maine's largest municipalities. Incorporated a city in 1868, Auburn in 1917 would be the first city in the state to adopt a council-manager form of government.
Auburn originally was a farm area, but with construction of the bridge to Lewiston in 1823, and especially after arrival of the Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad from Portland in January 1848, the community developed into a mill town. Mills were built to operate by water power from falls on the Androscoggin and Little Androscoggin rivers. In 1835, the factory system of shoe manufacture originated at Auburn. Other firms manufactured cotton and woolen textiles, carriages, iron goods, bricks and furniture. The city's population in 1860 was only about 4,000 but by 1890 it was about 12,000, when its shoe factories attracted many French Canadian immigrants, many of whom arrived by train from Quebec. Steady population growth continued to about 1960 when the population was about 24,500. Auburn and Lewiston are known as the Twin Cities.
Auburn has always been a leader in promoting and accepting new ideas. The first railroad was built in 1849; street railways transportation began in the early 1870’s and the first airport was established in 1928. Clarence Rand invented the first steam automobile just across the river at the turn of the century. This was improved upon by the famous Stanley brothers who built the highly regarded Stanley Steamer. In addition, Auburn was the first City in New England to install fluorescent streetlights in the downtown area.

Auburn Parks and Recreation

Auburn’s Department of Parks and Recreation offers excellent recreation programming, well maintained parks, athletic fields and public facilities for the benefit of everyone in the community.

For more information on Parks & Recreation visit the official website by clicking here

Auburn Events

Auburn is home to many great events that will keep everyone in your family entertained throughout the year. Please refer to the link below for a full list of events in the area.

Auburn Winter Festival
Auburn's Winter Festival is a celebration of everything winter. The festival’s events and activities take place at Lost Valley Ski Area, Walton School, Ingersoll Arena, Pettengill Park, Walton School and a growing number of other locales. For more information about Auburn’s Winter Festival, please visit their site at:

For more information on events in the area click here.

Auburn Attractions

The attractions in Auburn are ones you will not want to miss! Come enjoy the beautiful views and recreational opportunities that Auburn has to offer at Lost Valley Ski. For more information about Auburn’s events, please visit the link below.

Lost Valley Ski
Downhill skiing and snow boarding are the main attractions for any winter enthusiast at Lost Valley Ski! In addition, there are plenty of area options for cross country skiing, in and outdoor ice skating, old fashioned sledding and tubing, and snow mobiling.

For more information on Auburn ME, please visit the official website by clicking here

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